New Subsampling Algorithms for Fast Least Squares Regression

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 26 (NIPS 2013)

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Paramveer Dhillon, Yichao Lu, Dean P. Foster, Lyle Ungar


We address the problem of fast estimation of ordinary least squares (OLS) from large amounts of data ($n \gg p$). We propose three methods which solve the big data problem by subsampling the covariance matrix using either a single or two stage estimation. All three run in the order of size of input i.e. O($np$) and our best method, {\it Uluru}, gives an error bound of $O(\sqrt{p/n})$ which is independent of the amount of subsampling as long as it is above a threshold. We provide theoretical bounds for our algorithms in the fixed design (with Randomized Hadamard preconditioning) as well as sub-Gaussian random design setting. We also compare the performance of our methods on synthetic and real-world datasets and show that if observations are i.i.d., sub-Gaussian then one can directly subsample without the expensive Randomized Hadamard preconditioning without loss of accuracy.