Gaussian Processes for Multiuser Detection in CDMA receivers

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 18 (NIPS 2005)

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Juan Murillo-fuentes, Sebastian Caro, Fernando Pérez-Cruz


In this paper we propose a new receiver for digital communications. We focus on the application of Gaussian Processes (GPs) to the multiuser detection (MUD) in code division multiple access (CDMA) systems to solve the near-far problem. Hence, we aim to reduce the interference from other users sharing the same frequency band. While usual approaches minimize the mean square error (MMSE) to linearly retrieve the user of interest, we exploit the same criteria but in the design of a nonlinear MUD. Since the optimal solution is known to be nonlinear, the performance of this novel method clearly improves that of the MMSE detectors. Furthermore, the GP based MUD achieves excellent interference suppression even for short training sequences. We also include some experiments to illustrate that other nonlinear detectors such as those based on Support Vector Machines (SVMs) exhibit a worse performance.