STXD: Structural and Temporal Cross-Modal Distillation for Multi-View 3D Object Detection

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 36 (NeurIPS 2023) Main Conference Track

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Sujin Jang, Dae Ung Jo, Sung Ju Hwang, Dongwook Lee, Daehyun Ji


3D object detection (3DOD) from multi-view images is an economically appealing alternative to expensive LiDAR-based detectors, but also an extremely challenging task due to the absence of precise spatial cues. Recent studies have leveraged the teacher-student paradigm for cross-modal distillation, where a strong LiDAR-modality teacher transfers useful knowledge to a multi-view-based image-modality student. However, prior approaches have only focused on minimizing global distances between cross-modal features, which may lead to suboptimal knowledge distillation results. Based on these insights, we propose a novel structural and temporal cross-modal knowledge distillation (STXD) framework for multi-view 3DOD. First, STXD reduces redundancy of the feature components of the student by regularizing the cross-correlation of cross-modal features, while maximizing their similarities. Second, to effectively transfer temporal knowledge, STXD encodes temporal relations of features across a sequence of frames via similarity maps. Lastly, STXD also adopts a response distillation method to further enhance the quality of knowledge distillation at the output-level. Our extensive experiments demonstrate that STXD significantly improves the NDS and mAP of the based student detectors by 2.8%~4.5% on the nuScenes testing dataset.