Brant: Foundation Model for Intracranial Neural Signal

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 36 (NeurIPS 2023) Main Conference Track

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Daoze Zhang, Zhizhang Yuan, YANG YANG, Junru Chen, Jingjing Wang, Yafeng Li


We propose a foundation model named Brant for modeling intracranial recordings, which learns powerful representations of intracranial neural signals by pre-training, providing a large-scale, off-the-shelf model for medicine. Brant is the largest model in the field of brain signals and is pre-trained on a large corpus of intracranial data collected by us. The design of Brant is to capture long-term temporal dependency and spatial correlation from neural signals, combining the information in both time and frequency domains. As a foundation model, Brant achieves SOTA performance on various downstream tasks (i.e. neural signal forecasting, frequency-phase forecasting, imputation and seizure detection), showing the generalization ability to a broad range of tasks. The low-resource label analysis and representation visualization further illustrate the effectiveness of our pre-training strategy. In addition, we explore the effect of model size to show that a larger model with a higher capacity can lead to performance improvements on our dataset. The source code and pre-trained weights are available at: