A Toolkit for Reliable Benchmarking and Research in Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 36 (NeurIPS 2023) Datasets and Benchmarks Track

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Florian Felten, Lucas N. Alegre, Ann Nowe, Ana Bazzan, El Ghazali Talbi, Grégoire Danoy, Bruno C. da Silva


Multi-objective reinforcement learning algorithms (MORL) extend standard reinforcement learning (RL) to scenarios where agents must optimize multiple---potentially conflicting---objectives, each represented by a distinct reward function. To facilitate and accelerate research and benchmarking in multi-objective RL problems, we introduce a comprehensive collection of software libraries that includes: (i) MO-Gymnasium, an easy-to-use and flexible API enabling the rapid construction of novel MORL environments. It also includes more than 20 environments under this API. This allows researchers to effortlessly evaluate any algorithms on any existing domains; (ii) MORL-Baselines, a collection of reliable and efficient implementations of state-of-the-art MORL algorithms, designed to provide a solid foundation for advancing research. Notably, all algorithms are inherently compatible with MO-Gymnasium; and(iii) a thorough and robust set of benchmark results and comparisons of MORL-Baselines algorithms, tested across various challenging MO-Gymnasium environments. These benchmarks were constructed to serve as guidelines for the research community, underscoring the properties, advantages, and limitations of each particular state-of-the-art method.