Timeseries Anomaly Detection using Temporal Hierarchical One-Class Network

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 33 (NeurIPS 2020)

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Lifeng Shen, Zhuocong Li, James Kwok


Real-world timeseries have complex underlying temporal dynamics and the detection of anomalies is challenging. In this paper, we propose the Temporal Hierarchical One-Class (THOC) network, a temporal one-class classification model for timeseries anomaly detection. It captures temporal dynamics in multiple scales by using a dilated recurrent neural network with skip connections. Using multiple hyperspheres obtained with a hierarchical clustering process, a one-class objective called Multiscale Vector Data Description is defined. This allows the temporal dynamics to be well captured by a set of multi-resolution temporal clusters. To further facilitate representation learning, the hypersphere centers are encouraged to be orthogonal to each other, and a self-supervision task in the temporal domain is added. The whole model can be trained end-to-end. Extensive empirical studies on various real-world timeseries demonstrate that the proposed THOC network outperforms recent strong deep learning baselines on timeseries anomaly detection.