Bidirectional Convolutional Poisson Gamma Dynamical Systems

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 33 (NeurIPS 2020)

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wenchao chen, Chaojie Wang, Bo Chen, Yicheng Liu, Hao Zhang, Mingyuan Zhou


Incorporating the natural document-sentence-word structure into hierarchical Bayesian modeling, we propose convolutional Poisson gamma dynamical systems (PGDS) that introduce not only word-level probabilistic convolutions, but also sentence-level stochastic temporal transitions. With word-level convolutions capturing phrase-level topics and sentence-level transitions capturing how the topic usages evolve over consecutive sentences, we aggregate the topic proportions of all sentences of a document as its feature representation. To consider not only forward but also backward sentence-level information transmissions, we further develop a bidirectional convolutional PGDS to incorporate the full contextual information to represent each sentence. For efficient inference, we construct a convolutional-recurrent inference network, which provides both sentence-level and document-level representations, and introduce a hybrid Bayesian inference scheme combining stochastic-gradient MCMC and amortized variational inference. Experimental results on a variety of document corpora demonstrate that the proposed models can extract expressive multi-level latent representations, including interpretable phrase-level topics and sentence-level temporal transitions as well as discriminative document-level features, achieving state-of-the-art document categorization performance while being memory and computation efficient.