LinkNet: Relational Embedding for Scene Graph

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 31 (NeurIPS 2018)

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Sanghyun Woo, Dahun Kim, Donghyeon Cho, In So Kweon


Objects and their relationships are critical contents for image understanding. A scene graph provides a structured description that captures these properties of an image. However, reasoning about the relationships between objects is very challenging and only a few recent works have attempted to solve the problem of generating a scene graph from an image. In this paper, we present a novel method that improves scene graph generation by explicitly modeling inter-dependency among the entire object instances. We design a simple and effective relational embedding module that enables our model to jointly represent connections among all related objects, rather than focus on an object in isolation. Our novel method significantly benefits two main parts of the scene graph generation task: object classification and relationship classification. Using it on top of a basic Faster R-CNN, our model achieves state-of-the-art results on the Visual Genome benchmark. We further push the performance by introducing global context encoding module and geometrical layout encoding module. We validate our final model, LinkNet, through extensive ablation studies, demonstrating its efficacy in scene graph generation.