Estimating time-varying input signals and ion channel states from a single voltage trace of a neuron

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 24 (NIPS 2011)

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Ryota Kobayashi, Yasuhiro Tsubo, Petr Lansky, Shigeru Shinomoto


State-of-the-art statistical methods in neuroscience have enabled us to fit mathematical models to experimental data and subsequently to infer the dynamics of hidden parameters underlying the observable phenomena. Here, we develop a Bayesian method for inferring the time-varying mean and variance of the synaptic input, along with the dynamics of each ion channel from a single voltage trace of a neuron. An estimation problem may be formulated on the basis of the state-space model with prior distributions that penalize large fluctuations in these parameters. After optimizing the hyperparameters by maximizing the marginal likelihood, the state-space model provides the time-varying parameters of the input signals and the ion channel states. The proposed method is tested not only on the simulated data from the Hodgkin-Huxley type models but also on experimental data obtained from a cortical slice in vitro.