Large-Scale Category Structure Aware Image Categorization

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 24 (NIPS 2011)

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Bin Zhao, Fei Li, Eric Xing


Most previous research on image categorization has focused on medium-scale data sets, while large-scale image categorization with millions of images from thousands of categories remains a challenge. With the emergence of structured large-scale dataset such as the ImageNet, rich information about the conceptual relationships between images, such as a tree hierarchy among various image categories, become available. As human cognition of complex visual world benefits from underlying semantic relationships between object classes, we believe a machine learning system can and should leverage such information as well for better performance. In this paper, we employ such semantic relatedness among image categories for large-scale image categorization. Specifically, a category hierarchy is utilized to properly define loss function and select common set of features for related categories. An efficient optimization method based on proximal approximation and accelerated parallel gradient method is introduced. Experimental results on a subset of ImageNet containing 1.2 million images from 1000 categories demonstrate the effectiveness and promise of our proposed approach.