Manifold Precis: An Annealing Technique for Diverse Sampling of Manifolds

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 24 (NIPS 2011)

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Nitesh Shroff, Pavan Turaga, Rama Chellappa


In this paper, we consider the 'Precis' problem of sampling K representative yet diverse data points from a large dataset. This problem arises frequently in applications such as video and document summarization, exploratory data analysis, and pre-filtering. We formulate a general theory which encompasses not just traditional techniques devised for vector spaces, but also non-Euclidean manifolds, thereby enabling these techniques to shapes, human activities, textures and many other image and video based datasets. We propose intrinsic manifold measures for measuring the quality of a selection of points with respect to their representative power, and their diversity. We then propose efficient algorithms to optimize the cost function using a novel annealing-based iterative alternation algorithm. The proposed formulation is applicable to manifolds of known geometry as well as to manifolds whose geometry needs to be estimated from samples. Experimental results show the strength and generality of the proposed approach.