Learning models of object structure

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 22 (NIPS 2009)

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Joseph Schlecht, Kobus Barnard


We present an approach for learning stochastic geometric models of object categories from single view images. We focus here on models expressible as a spatially contiguous assemblage of blocks. Model topologies are learned across groups of images, and one or more such topologies is linked to an object category (e.g. chairs). Fitting learned topologies to an image can be used to identify the object class, as well as detail its geometry. The latter goes beyond labeling objects, as it provides the geometric structure of particular instances. We learn the models using joint statistical inference over structure parameters, camera parameters, and instance parameters. These produce an image likelihood through a statistical imaging model. We use trans-dimensional sampling to explore topology hypotheses, and alternate between Metropolis-Hastings and stochastic dynamics to explore instance parameters. Experiments on images of furniture objects such as tables and chairs suggest that this is an effective approach for learning models that encode simple representations of category geometry and the statistics thereof, and support inferring both category and geometry on held out single view images.