Efficient Estimation of OOMs

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 18 (NIPS 2005)

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Herbert Jaeger, Mingjie Zhao, Andreas Kolling


A standard method to obtain stochastic models for symbolic time series is to train state-emitting hidden Markov models (SE-HMMs) with the Baum-Welch algorithm. Based on observable operator models (OOMs), in the last few months a number of novel learning algorithms for similar purposes have been developed: (1,2) two versions of an "efficiency sharpening" (ES) algorithm, which iteratively improves the statistical efficiency of a sequence of OOM estimators, (3) a constrained gradient descent ML estimator for transition-emitting HMMs (TE-HMMs). We give an overview on these algorithms and compare them with SE-HMM/EM learning on synthetic and real-life data.