A Sampled Texture Prior for Image Super-Resolution

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 16 (NIPS 2003)

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Lyndsey Pickup, Stephen J. Roberts, Andrew Zisserman


Super-resolution aims to produce a high-resolution image from a set of one or more low-resolution images by recovering or inventing plausible high-frequency image content. Typical approaches try to reconstruct a high-resolution image using the sub-pixel displacements of several low- resolution images, usually regularized by a generic smoothness prior over the high-resolution image space. Other methods use training data to learn low-to-high-resolution matches, and have been highly successful even in the single-input-image case. Here we present a domain-specific im- age prior in the form of a p.d.f. based upon sampled images, and show that for certain types of super-resolution problems, this sample-based prior gives a significant improvement over other common multiple-image super-resolution techniques.