Improving a Page Classifier with Anchor Extraction and Link Analysis

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 15 (NIPS 2002)

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William W. Cohen


Most text categorization systems use simple models of documents and document collections. In this paper we describe a technique that im- proves a simple web page classifier’s performance on pages from a new, unseen web site, by exploiting link structure within a site as well as page structure within hub pages. On real-world test cases, this technique significantly and substantially improves the accuracy of a bag-of-words classifier, reducing error rate by about half, on average. The system uses a variant of co-training to exploit unlabeled data from a new site. Pages are labeled using the base classifier; the results are used by a restricted wrapper-learner to propose potential “main-category anchor wrappers”; and finally, these wrappers are used as features by a third learner to find a categorization of the site that implies a simple hub structure, but which also largely agrees with the original bag-of-words classifier.