Fast Network Pruning and Feature Extraction by using the Unit-OBS Algorithm

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 9 (NIPS 1996)

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Achim Stahlberger, Martin Riedmiller


The algorithm described in this article is based on the OBS algo(cid:173) rithm by Hassibi, Stork and Wolff ([1] and [2]). The main disad(cid:173) vantage of OBS is its high complexity. OBS needs to calculate the inverse Hessian to delete only one weight (thus needing much time to prune a big net) . A better algorithm should use this matrix to remove more than only one weight , because calculating the inverse Hessian takes the most time in the OBS algorithm. The algorithm, called Unit- OBS, described in this article is a method to overcome this disadvantage. This algorithm only needs to calculate the inverse Hessian once to remove one whole unit thus drastically reducing the time to prune big nets. A further advantage of Unit- OBS is that it can be used to do a feature extraction on the input data. This can be helpful on the understanding of unknown problems.