Learning Appearance Based Models: Mixtures of Second Moment Experts

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 9 (NIPS 1996)

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Christoph Bregler, Jitendra Malik


This paper describes a new technique for object recognition based on learning appearance models. The image is decomposed into local regions which are described by a new texture representation called "Generalized Second Mo(cid:173) ments" that are derived from the output of multiscale, multiorientation filter banks. Class-characteristic local texture features and their global composition is learned by a hierarchical mixture of experts architecture (Jordan & Jacobs). The technique is applied to a vehicle database consisting of 5 general car categories (Sedan, Van with back-doors, Van without back-doors, old Sedan, and Volkswagen Bug). This is a difficult problem with considerable in-class variation. The new technique has a 6.5% misclassification rate, compared to eigen-images which give 17.4% misclassification rate, and nearest neighbors which give 15 .7% misclassification rate.