An Analog VLSI Saccadic Eye Movement System

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 6 (NIPS 1993)

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Timothy Horiuchi, Brooks Bishofberger, Christof Koch


In an effort to understand saccadic eye movements and their rela(cid:173) tion to visual attention and other forms of eye movements, we - in collaboration with a number of other laboratories - are carry(cid:173) ing out a large-scale effort to design and build a complete primate oculomotor system using analog CMOS VLSI technology. Using this technology, a low power, compact, multi-chip system has been built which works in real-time using real-world visual inputs. We describe in this paper the performance of an early version of such a system including a 1-D array of photoreceptors mimicking the retina, a circuit computing the mean location of activity represent(cid:173) ing the superior colliculus, a saccadic burst generator, and a one degree-of-freedom rotational platform which models the dynamic properties of the primate oculomotor plant.