JANUS: Speech-to-Speech Translation Using Connectionist and Non-Connectionist Techniques

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 4 (NIPS 1991)

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Alex Waibel, Ajay Jain, Arthur McNair, Joe Tebelskis, Louise Osterholtz, Hiroaki Saito, Otto Schmidbauer, Tilo Sloboda, Monika Woszczyna


We present JANUS, a speech-to-speech translation system that utilizes diverse processing strategies, including connectionist learning, tradi(cid:173) tional AI knowledge representation approaches, dynamic programming, and stochastic techniques. JANUS translates continuously spoken English and German into German, English, and Japanese. JANUS cur(cid:173) rently achieves 87% translation fidelity from English speech and 97% from German speech. We present the JANUS system along with com(cid:173) parative evaluations of its interchangeable processing components, with special emphasis on the connectionist modules.

• Also with University of Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe. Germany. 1N"ow with Alliant Techsystems Research and Technology Center. Hopkins. Minnesota.