Extracting and Learning an Unknown Grammar with Recurrent Neural Networks

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 4 (NIPS 1991)

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C. L. Giles, C. B. Miller, D. Chen, G. Z. Sun, H. H. Chen, Y. C. Lee


Simple secood-order recurrent netwoIts are shown to readily learn sman brown regular grammars when trained with positive and negative strings examples. We show that similar methods are appropriate for learning unknown grammars from examples of their strings. TIle training algorithm is an incremental real-time, re(cid:173) current learning (RTRL) method that computes the complete gradient and updates the weights at the end of each string. After or during training. a dynamic clustering algorithm extracts the production rules that the neural network has learned.. TIle methods are illustrated by extracting rules from unknown deterministic regular grammars. For many cases the extracted grammar outperforms the neural net from which it was extracted in correctly classifying unseen strings.