Real-Time Computer Vision and Robotics Using Analog VLSI Circuits

Part of Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 2 (NIPS 1989)

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Christof Koch, Wyeth Bair, John Harris, Timothy Horiuchi, Andrew Hsu, Jin Luo


The long-term goal of our laboratory is the development of analog resistive network-based VLSI implementations of early and inter(cid:173) mediate vision algorithms. We demonstrate an experimental cir(cid:173) cuit for smoothing and segmenting noisy and sparse depth data using the resistive fuse and a 1-D edge-detection circuit for com(cid:173) puting zero-crossings using two resistive grids with different space(cid:173) constants. To demonstrate the robustness of our algorithms and of the fabricated analog CMOS VLSI chips, we are mounting these circuits onto small mobile vehicles operating in a real-time, labo(cid:173) ratory environment.