NeurIPS 2020

Dynamic Fusion of Eye Movement Data and Verbal Narrations in Knowledge-rich Domains

Meta Review

This paper has a lot of content: Interesting cognitive science question of modelling human decision-making, data fusion of texts and eye movements, modelled with a new dynamic Bayesian nonparametric model, and introduces a new sampler for the model. This paper received a special amount of attention, 5 reviews which were needed because the paper makes several different kinds of contributions. Hence it is not a stereotypical good conference paper having one neat idea and presenting convincing theoretical or empirical support for it. Reviewers discussed the paper intensively, concluding that the paper is likely to be interesting at NeurIPS, and since there is not easy fix to make it more suitable to the format such as dividing it into two papers, it is good enough to be accepted though not among the best papers. Clarity can easily be improved by the authors, and additional details added in both the paper and the supplement. The authors are requested to make the changes they point at themselves in their response.