Cycles: A Simulation Tool for Studying Cyclic Neural Networks

Part of Neural Information Processing Systems 0 (NIPS 1987)

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Michael Gately


A computer program has been designed and implemented to allow a researcher

to analyze the oscillatory behavior of simulated neural networks with cyclic con(cid:173) nectivity. The computer program, implemented on the Texas Instruments Ex(cid:173) plorer / Odyssey system, and the results of numerous experiments are discussed.

The program, CYCLES, allows a user to construct, operate, and inspect neural

networks containing cyclic connection paths with the aid of a powerful graphics(cid:173) based interface. Numerous cycles have been studied, including cycles with one or more activation points, non-interruptible cycles, cycles with variable path lengths, and interacting cycles. The final class, interacting cycles, is important due to its ability to implement time-dependent goal processing in neural networks.